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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 20, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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learn the hard way. linda sew, abc news. >>the red cross is now assisting the families that were left homeless by the fire. a hate crime update now. 17-year-old emanuel miller and 16-year-old zachary watson are charged as adults in the beating of 76-year-old james privott. according to charging documents they were with 28-year-old lockner but claim they did not participate in the beating on tuesday. lockner, a white supremacist was arrested after the beating. lockner was denied bail and the teens have a bail review scheduled for tomorrow. families of the victims of the pan am 103 bombing are angered over the release of the only person ever convicted in the attack that killed 270
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people. the former intelligence agent is dying of prostate cancer. authorities believe he has about three months to live. they granted him a compassionate release. president obama said today he believes the man should be placed under house arrested. a former baltimore city teacher will spend the next ten years in prison. the sentence will be followed by supervised release for life. timothy is a registered sex offender. back in 2007 he was convicted of third degree sexual assault for unlawful sexual conduct with a then 13-year-old former student at pine grove middle school in baltimore county. for that he was given a ten-year jail term with all but 18 months suspended. he was on probation when he was caught with the child porn. their job is to protect and serve, but most police departments will readily admit they need the public's help. with more on what you can do to help keep your community safe
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here's brian chibletter with this week's crime checker. >>reporter: we're working to keep your community safe. each week we're highlighting some of the most dangerous criminals in your neighborhood hoping to bring them to justice. we now focus on a prisoner who escaped. devon sam pain was in custody when he attacked a sheriff's department and got away. his family called police after he showed up at their house. consider champagne very dangerous. there's a $5,000 reward in this case. in baltimore county police are trying to figure out who ran over a man walking along the road tuesday night. authorities think it's a dark colored suv. if you know anything about this case call baltimore county police. don't forget you can see more of our reports by heading over to abc 2 news. showers and thunderstorms erupting once again across the region. right now the radar indicating the heaviest activity is up here
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in pennsylvania. showers remain around them. there's still some down southwest. as you can tell, not everybody's going to be seeing them. they say it's not the heat but the humidity. look at this. at the school the temperature is 88, but it feels like 95. look at the naval academiem it's really 85 but feels like 96. it feels like # 8 at the gillman school in the baltimore area. your forecast for this evening will be sticky giving rise to shower and scattered storm activity. 80s for the next couple of hours. tomorrow, yeah, we're going to repeat it once again. we'll tell you all about it in just a couple of minutes. >>thanks, norm. > >>in a somber concession to his health senator edward kennedy is appealing for a speedy succession if that becomes necessary. the senator who is battling brain cancer has been too i will to return to washington and recently missed his sister's funeral. >>reporter: it's a request only senator edward kennedy could make.
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in a recent letter the ailing senator asks massachusetts governor patrick to change state law making an appointment to replace him if he leaves office before the end of his term. a special election would be held five months later. >>there's no reason at all why we wouldn't appoint somebody in the interim who isn't going to run for the state. the country needs every vote they can get. >>reporter: the message is clear. suffering with brain cancer as democrats scramble for the votes the liberal lion wants to make sure they don't fall one vote short if he's not there to cast it. >>health care has been the central point of his careerment he doesn't want to let this opportunity go. >>reporter: there's just one problem. it's democrats who changed the law to make sure mitt romney could not replace governor gary in 2004. >>it looks like a pretty political thing to do and a power grab. >>when we stop mucking around
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with election laws and start changing the laws to benefit different individuals and different political parties there is a lot of unintended consequences that end up happening as a result. reporter: kennedy was too ill to attend his sister eunice's funeral. long time friend and frequent political rival says don't count kennedy out when it comes time to vote on health care reform. abc news, washington. the university of maryland and baltimore county is getting some national recognition. unbc top it is list of up and coming national universities according to u.s. news and roll report magazine. to determine its up and coming list the magazine asks the university president and admissions officials to nominate schools that are making improvement on academics, faculties, diversity and facilities. president of the university tells us why he is so proud of the ranking. >>it's cool to be smart.
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there's a lot of smart students here whether they're in humanities or science. they're working on critical problem inside our society. >>u.s. news placed unbc number four on a list of universities most committed to teaching undergraduates tying with stanford and douglas, princeton, jail and brown. in the u.s. naval academy making the list as one of america's best colleges. the naval academy ranks 5th for best undergraduate engineering program and 19th for liberal arts colleges. if you'd like to read more the edition of college rankings hits news stands next monday. and still on the subject of lists, when it comes to restrooms baltimore's tree month hotel comes in at number twoo in the nation. it was chosen for beautiful imported marble, grand columns, chandeliers and hand carved wood
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washg. tens of thousands of votes were cast. number one was the theater in missouri. the online contest was conducted. well, it's not your neighborhood grocery store. fauk about the express lane. we'll show thank you stores where you don't even have to get out of the driver's seat to shop. and cash strapped clunkers. why many dealerships across the nation are saying enough already. plus, we'll take you back outside to parkville and get a check on the current temperatures. it feels like it's 95 degrees. the actual temperature is 86.
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. the dow jumped 71 points. nasdaq up almost 20. well, it is not your average grocery store. you don't have to worry about fighting for a parking spot because you don't have to get out of your car. at this express lane north store in north idaho the shelves are stocked with basic essentials. the clerk comes straight up to your window and asks what you want though. the express lane caters to drivers, cyclists and foot traffic. >>the main convenient store items. milk and eggs and bread and a
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broad range of sodas and beer and cigarettes. >>i think it's awesome. you know, anything that could just make life easier would be great for me. >>the marketing idea isn't new to north idaho. post falls has similar drive-thru stores. hey, mom and dad, how about a date night. sounds good to me. details on how you and you are friends can get some free baby sitting. plus, that's the winner of the gold in the 800 meter competition at the world championships in germany. the issue, is it a man or a woman.
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. and now to a gender controversy erupting at the world track and field chips. yesterday a new comer was crowned champion in the women's 8 # 0
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meters, but now officials say she must undergo tests to determine if she's really a woman. here's dan harris. >>reporter: after winning the gold in the 800 meter competition at the world championships in germany on wednesday they're brushing off the swirling questions about whether she's a woman. questions that have been raised because of her tremendous speed, muscular physique and deep voice. she's 18. she burst on to the scene just a few weeks ago with a dominating performance in another racing competition. after that international track and field officials asked the south african authorities to conduct a gender verification test. it used to be that such tests required nothing more than dropping the pants, but today's version requires reports from a gynecologist, psychologist and
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internal medicine specialist and a gender expert. there's benefits of having these tests. once the issue is raised i think you want to deal with it in thorough comprehensive action. >>reporter: have been similar controversies in the past. in the 1930s a high jumper from germany turned out to be a guy named herman. in 1964 a supposedly female runner from poland won two medals in the summer olympic games but was later outed as a man. >>this is the type of thing that leaves a reputation of a country and an athlete, but also the sport itself. >>reporter: for now the south african team manager is unrepent nlt. we entered her as a woman, and we want to keep it that way. our conscience is clear. now the forecast certified baltimore's most create.
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here's chief meteorologist, norm lewis and the most powerful doppler radar in maryland. >>you were seeing the temperatures and the humidity of what it is and what it really feels like. it's not that hot, but it's just so sticky because of the humidity. >>we're in the soup. >>we are. we're going to be in the soup for another couple of days and then we'll get cooler temperatures into the weekend and the first part of next week, but we have to get through the next couple of days. let's look outside right now. from harbor cam, a big boat down there. that's a boat, i'll tell yeah. our temperature right now, 90 degrees, 58% humidity. winds at 9. the pressure is steady. 29 .87. temperature-wise it's still # 0 in downtown. 90s in haggertown. over to atlantic city, 88. ocean city at 90 degrees right now. throughout the day lots of sunshine. a few clouds around, but the heat and the humidity xiend to give us the shower and thunderstorm
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humidity. right now the heaviest activity is in southern pennsylvania. as you look towards the south and west there's more scattered showers along the ap police stations move inning our direction. we'll see those spotty showers here in the baltimore area on and off throughout the evening. not everybody's going to see them, but if you're underneath one you'll get lightning and such. we'll continue to track this throughout the evening. right now the most powerful radar is indicating the most activity right up here in southern portions of pennsylvania working towards the north and east. as you see we have a little thunderstorm there. just on the north. we're right on the red africa washington county line on the frederick-washington county line there. 87 in marysville. emeraldsburg 87 degrees. college park 89. shady side 89. bel air with 84.
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# 2 in chestertown. 87 right now in northeast. again, this is live data from our storm center. as far as your forecast goes this evening, scattered showers will be around. not everybody's going to see them, but they will be there. overnight the showers calm down. tomorrow again they bubble up once again because of heat and humidity. same type ofuation is happening on friday. looks like some of the showers will continue into saturday unfortunately. the forecast for the overnight period is mostly cloudy. scattered storms arnold. you saw them on the radar. 74 for the low tonight. tomorrow during the day almost a carbon copy of today. 89 degrees. cooler air on saturday, but still a chance for scattered showers. a little better on sunday and 2. 83 on monday with lots of sunshine. 86 on tuesday. wednesday and thursday 85 degrees. back at 6 with more on the weather. >>thanks, norm. last week there was a lot of
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buzz about jet blues all you can jet air fare deal. buy a $599 pass and fly all you want anywhere jet blue goes between september 8th and october 8th. the program was so popular that the airline has already sold out of its month long passes. jet blue has not said if it will make that same offer next year. well, it has been a wild ride, but the cash for clunkers program will screech to a halt on monday. that's the word tonight from the government which was already having trouble keeping up with plans for the runaway success. many people have bought cars under the impression that uncle sam is owing payment to dealers. >>reporter: dozens of dealers have already stopped participating in the program that allows customers to trade in gas guzzlers for up to $4,500 in government rebates because they can no longer afford to front uncle sam the money. >>a very, very small amount of
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the transactions have been done and paid by the government. >>reporter: the gm says the company will today begin providing cash advances to dealers that are equivalent to the amount of the federal rebate. president obama says things could be worse. >>i think this is actually a high class problem to v we're selling too many cars too quickly and there's some back log in the application process. it is getting fixed. >>reporter: the program has been wildly successful, but it's a victim of its own success sending auto sales surging but leaving dealers in debt. dark cars will continue to continue, but they owe the chain $5 million. >>a little bit of a risk? yes. >>reporter: the national association says dealers who accept growing deals face a risk that they may not be reimburse zbld the program was once expected to last through labor day. after running through its first $1 billion in fund inning just a week congress added $2 billion
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more. now that is nearly gone. abc news, washington. now a look ahead to 6:00. the only person convicted in the bombing is released from prison. reaction from a maryland mother who's daughter died in that terrorist attack. we'll take you to an expo. a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30 as well. coming up on world news, senator kennedy wants to change the law for replacing him if his senate seat comes open. doctors and nurses addicted to the drug that may have caused michael jackson's death. more on the cash for clunkers program as well. oh, all right, see... you're just moving your fingers, aren't you? i gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services for the price of two. tv, internet, and phone for only...
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i'll watch your kids if you watch mine. that's the idea behind baby sitter co-op. they're popping up all over the country. parents aren't just saving money with the new baby sitter scenario. they're regaining peace of mind. >>reporter: it's 7:30 on a wednesday and expected mom is taking the night off from her own family to baby sit someone else's kids. >>my husband is there right now. it's a little refreshing. reporter: she's not your average baby sitter. first, she's doing this for free. she runs her own business, juggles the family's budget, and they're good friends. all a part of the baby sitting cooperative in brooklyn new york. >>the network of grandmothers and aunts and uncles to baby sit is not here. it's great to get on that intimate level with other families. >>reporter: they trade baby
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sitting services for points earning four points an hour baby sitting which they later swap to get their own time off. >>my mom's just come over from australia. i saved up points and baby sat to make sure i could go out. >>reporter: with everyone looking to save money these days the co-ops are thriving. brooklyn moms started the co-op by word of mouth less than a year ago. there's now a waiting list to get in. once a month. ? more than that. weed like to use it more. >>reporter: families commit to baby sitting twice a man or woman signing up online either to sit or cash in their points. >>i just submitted my request. >>reporter: the co-op meets regularly and makes sure everyone's on the same page when it comes to rules like child proofing and medical releases. >>i think something like this becomes like your extended family. you have people you can trust to watch your kids. the ability to go out, even for an hour or two hours like you're doing tonight, what does it do
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for you? keeps us sane. . yeah, it's quite liberating to walk out the front door and remember who you were before the kids. reporter: to join the co-op you must be recommended by two other neighborhood families. the savings are substantial. as much as $80, the average pay in big cities like new york where families are also expected to provide cab fare home for the baby sitter. a new report to make maryland's waterways safer. details coming up at 6, which starts right now. now abc 2 news at 6. we begin tonight with breaking news from queen anne's county. it's quite a mystery. good evening. i'm mary beth marsden. abc 2 news has learned this situation involves 12 members of the varsity football team at kent island high school in stevensville. they've been taken to the hospital. many of them are being treated on the scene on a football
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field. it apparently happened during practice this afternoon. the teens reportedly have become ill, but the reason is unclear because it's only apparently affecting one field. heat could be one possibility, but again, reports from the scene indicate other athletes and other fields are still practicing at this high school. abc 2 news has crews en route to kent island high school right now. we'll have more information as it becomes available. again, about a dozen high school student athletes from the varsity football team at kent island high school are being treated at the scene or have been transported to area hospitals because of some sort of illness. one thing we do know, it is very hot on the eastern shore. norm joins us with a look at the heat indexes. >>this is what we have krooz the maryland area and baltimore right now. it feels like 99. it feels like 102 in easton. the area in question is in the centerville area, and look at our


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